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What is the future that you desire? How can we move towards a safer, more sustainable future?


Workshop and Performance Making Intensive: 

April 19th - 23rd (Tues-Sat)

9:30am - 4:30pm Daily 



Saturday 23rd April 

5:30pm - 7:30pm


Our home for the week: 

Skydeck @ The Space Dance and Arts Centre

318 Chapel St

Prahran 3181


Make history by being part of the first Youth Dance Maker’s performance making intensives.

We are looking for individuals who are keen to dive into discussion about global issues and are passionate about expressing their ideas through movement and performance. 


Youth Dance Makers Initiative welcomes participants from all training backgrounds who have interest in movement-based performance (dance, circus, physical theatre) and/or activism. 

We celebrate diversity, equal opportunity and strive to create an inclusive, culturally safe environment.


Applicants must be: 

14-18 years  •  available for the full development week and performance •  double vaccinated or have a medical exemption 

Participation fee: $90 for the full week of workshops, mentorship, tech and performance. 

If you or your family are experiencing financial hardship, please reach out to

In addition to providing basic information we’d love for you to tell us a bit about yourself and your thoughts on how we could move towards a safer, more sustainable future. In the application you will be prompted to respond to the following:


  1. Tell us about your background/ interest in dance, performance, circus, activism, etc.

  2. What could change to make the world a better place?

  3. What is something that you are hopeful about or that gives you hope?


You can choose to respond in written form or by uploading a short audio file or video. 

Applications before 20th March will be contacted before 24th March

Applications between 21st March and 2nd April will be contacted before 4th April.